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2-part arrangements (2)

We often need more rehearsal time for a concert. An occasional 2-part arrangement saves a lot of rehearsal time and works well. The arrangements are invariably derived from the 4-part versions, and the accompaniments are the same.

You can click on the male voice music mini-scores in the left-hand column to view some pages of the score. A sample of male voice music in MP3 format is available for all of the songs - click on the loudspeaker icon in the right-hand column to hear it. If you wish to download it for playing on your own sound system, right click on it and choose "save target/link as...".

Michael, Row the Boat Ashore

An intermix of Old Testament stories. The arrangement is in ‘gospel’ style.
Cat No 1552 Price code B. Duration 2’10”  Piano or keyboard.

Music sample

My Journey to the Sky

A classic gospel song associated with Sister Rosetta Tharp. Happily optimistic.  Rhythm ‘n blues style.
Cat No 1546 Price code B. Duration 3’ 10”  Piano

Music sample

Oh, Mary, where is your baby?

The answer is, “they took Him from the manger and carried Him to the throne”. Christmas spiritual from Louisiana. Cat No 1565 Price code C. Duration  3’ Piano

Music sample
Male voice music

Polish Lullaby

 A very simple and gentle Christmas lullaby from Poland. Poland’s best-known carol.
Cat No 1572 Price code A. Duration 2’ optionally unaccompanied. English

music clip
Male voice music

Ride the Chariot 

An exhilarating spiritual that looks forward to the Day of Judgement with eager enthusiasm.  Very rhythmic.
Cat No 1502 Price code C. Duration 2’25” Piano

Male voice music

Shall we Gather at the River?

Late 19th century American hymn. The river notion is of course borrowed from the spirituals.
Cat No 1558 Price code A. Duration 3’20”  Piano or Organ

Silent Worship

An enduringly popular song from a long-forgotten Handel opera. The young lady never notices her silent worshipper!
Cat No 1541 Price code B. Duration 2’45”  Piano

Male voice music

Sloop John B

This popular calypso comes from the West Indies and describes the violent and alcoholic activities of the crew.
Cat No 1513 Price code D. Duration 3’40” Piano

Standing in the Need of Prayer

The slave is aware of  his own shortcomings, but he expresses them with infectious rhythm and good humour.
Cat No 1556 Price code C. Duration 2’20” Piano + soloist or small group


The Lord’s Prayer

This version from Trinidad is in characteristic calypso style, evolving from a mix of both African and West Indian folk music emerging about 200 years ago.
Cat No 1561 Price code C. Duration  2’15” Piano

Male voice music
1 page

There is a balm in Gilead

The world-famous gospel singer Mahalia Jackson said this was her all-time favourite.
Cat No 1519 Price code A. Duration  2’25” Piano or unaccompanied

Music sample
2 pages

This Little Light of Mine

The light may be little but it seems to penetrate everywhere, and the memorable and much-loved tune shines brightly.
Cat No 1548 Price code B. Duration 2’30” Piano

3 pages

Watching the Wheat

One of the most beautiful and enduring  of Welsh folksongs.
Cat No 1511 Price code C. Duration 2’45” optional piano

2 pages

When the Love Comes Trickalin’ Down

 A spiritual set in blues style.  “Brother/sister/father, you ought to be there when the loves comes trickalin’ down.”
Cat No 1522 Price code C. Duration 2’45” Piano

2 pages

Where’er You Walk

Although there were only six performances of Semele in Handel’s lifetime and none for the next 200 years, this charming love song has never lost favour.
Cat No 1536 Price code B. Duration 4’  Piano.  English

Male voice music

Who Built the Ark/The Old Ark’s A-moverin’

Two spirituals are combined, allowing the Ark to be both built and moved. It sails at a fair rate of knots, too!
Cat No 1555 Price code B. Duration 2’10”  Piano. Audience participation possible.

Music sample
Male voice music

Worried Man Blues

A story of a criminal on the run. Caught by the police he is  sentenced to 21 years hard labour. Astonishingly, he doesn’t seem the slightest bit worried!
Cat No 1532 Price code C. Duration 2’15”  Piano

Music sample

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