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Grove Music is a good place to go for professionally-written choral music for the Male Voice Choir.

There are currently over 160 arrangements, mostly in TTBB form, but including some for either two or three parts. There is one exception. In ‘Miscellaneous’ you will find ‘Jesus the good shepherd’ a contralto solo with piano accompaniment. It can be inserted in any concert.


The catalogue now includes a section labelled ‘2-part arrangements’. They are invariably derived from the 4-part versions, and the accompaniments are the same. We often need more rehearsal time for a concert, and the addition of the occasional (or frequent!) 2-part arrangement saves a lot of rehearsal time and ‘works’ well.

In general, the music meets the needs of male voice choirs looking for a broader variety of styles in their repertoire.

Nearly all the music has been rehearsed and performed in many concerts before being selected for publication.

Most of these arrangements have been written by Gwyn Arch, a specialist in the field, and one of the most frequently-published and performed choral arrangers in the UK. He has over 45 years as a male choir director, male voice music arranger and choral adjudicator.

Two publishers are involved in the listings. More than a hundred titles are GROVE MUSIC publications – all those beginning with catalogue numbers 15 or 16 . . . ORDER THESE TITLES FROM THIS WEBSITE.

The other items, (mostly in the POPULAR category) are from ROBERTON PUBLICATIONS and are always 53 . . . numbers. These songs cannot be ordered from GROVE MUSIC but ROBERTON will be happy to supply. You can click on the link within each of the song descriptions to take you through to the appropriate website, most of which have scores and sound clips. See the Contact/Order page for further details.

In order to keep prices as low as possible, the music is offered in standard sets (20 chorus parts and 2 full scores). Extra chorus parts are also available together with additional full scores. For further details see Price List page.

GROVE MUSIC arrangements can also be bought as pdfs. If you wish to do this, please state the number of men in your choir and you will receive a 15% discount of the hard copy price and avoid (high) postal charges.


TTBB sheet music

If you click on the symbol on the left you will see part of the score of that particular item, and usually two or three pages of it.

Male Voice Music audio clip

If there is a singer icon you will be able to hear at least a minute of the music, sung by an average amateur 50-strong male voice choir.

Male Voice Music audio clip

If there is a loudspeaker symbol, you will be able to hear a synthesised version of the music.

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